NO!art is a radical avant-garde anti-art-establishment movement started in New York in 1959 by Boris Lurie, Sam Goodman and Stanley Fisher. They began with exhibitions at the March Gallery on 10th St. in New York. Lurie outlines their agenda in the introduction to NO!art Pin-Ups, Excrement, Protest, Jew-Art (with Seymour Krim, 1988):

No understanding of Radical — as opposed to market-oriented art — is possible without background information on NO!art, it occupies the strategic juncture where artistic production and socio-cultural action meet….seminal works [date] from about 1955 and individual later works dealing with "Women's Liberation," the new antisemitism, postrevolutionary violence, postrevolutionary sadomasochism are included. The origins of NO!art sprout from the Jewish experience, struck root in the world's largest Jewish community, New York, a product of armies, concentration camps, Lumpenproletariat artists. Its targets are the hypocritical intelligentsia, capitalist culture manipulation, consumerism, American and other Molochs. Their aim total unabashed self-expression in art leading to social involvement. Collective confrontation artists as early as the Peace Demonstrations of 1961-62. No lighthearted Duchampesque Dadaists, Neodadaists, or "pop-artists"; no consumerism's middle class nor Nouveau Riche Liberals' neuter background makers. But believers in the unfashionable notion of Art with a capital "A".


Other NO!art participants

Rocco Armento
Isser Aronovici
Enrico Baj
Herb Brown
Allan D'Arcangelo
Dorothy Gillespie
Ester Gilman
Allan Kaprow
Yayoi Kusama
Jean-Jacques Lebel
Suzanne Long
Michelle Stuart
Aldo Tambellini
Wolf Vostell