About Us

Railroad Collage, 1963 14.5 x 21.25 inches

Mission of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation

The Mission of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation is dedicated to reflect the life, work and aspirations of the Founder and to preserve and promote the NO!art movement with its focus on the social visionary in art and culture.

As its first priority the Foundation will undertake to develop and archive an inventory of the massive body of work product produced by Boris Lurie as well as the works of other NO!art artists which are under its control. It will then begin the task of carrying out the restoration of the artworks and develop a plan for bringing it before the public and institutions of learning. Public exhibitions and private shows are to be scheduled and held in selected venues throughout the world.

The Foundation will annually contribute funds in support of projects and undertakings that fall within the scope of the Foundation’s purposes and are in the spirit of Mr Lurie’s bequest. It is therefore anticipated that the projects, programs and activities supported by Foundation grants will include the following:

  • The development of a program of exhibitions and showings of the art work of Boris Lurie and the NO!art artists; 
  • The funding and support of unrecognized artists from all over the world and the sponsorship of internship programs in collaboration with selected institutions, universities and institutes;
  • The acquisition, on a selected basis, of additional works of art compatible with the purposes of the Foundation;
  • The sponsorship of, and support for, such social action programs and projects as the Directors deem worthy of the Foundation’s support.   

Through this range of activity the Boris Lurie Foundation believes it will make a material contribution to the artistic, social and educational life of the community.