Letter from Mitchell Lieber

A Latvian guard leads Jewish women to the execution site



Thank you for the wonderful Boris Lurie Anti-Pop catalog for the exhibition in Nuremberg (Nurnberg) Germany.
It was compelling to read Boris Lurie's own words describing the influence of the mass graves of Latvia on his dismembered women paintings. Here's why.
At January's show in NY I saw his painting of three women and immediately thought of the photograph of women just before they were shot at Skede in Liepaja, Latvia. I had seen a photocopy of it in Boris Lurie's papers a few days earlier at the warehouse. I understand it hung on his wall. It seemed to me that he was influenced by this photo's terrible image and the women in his family who met the same end at Rumbula.
As Boris Lurie's work was being exhibited in Nuremberg in June, Rumbula's Echo was arranging for two college interns to go through Nuremberg Einsatzgruppen Trial records this summer to locate potential photos, maps, charts and perpetrator quotes for Rumbula's Echo. One of the three convicted defendants we are researching, Eduard Strauch, commanded a Nazi Einsatzkommando unit of 20 men at Rumbula.
The interns doing this work are students at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill because there is an Einsatzgruppen Nuremberg Trials archive is in that university's library.
The assistant producer who secured these interns and is directly coordinating their work is being paid by the S&J Foundation grant. Thank you, again, for making this possible Gertrude.
All the best,
Mitchell Lieber 
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